Improve the terminal with Oh My Zsh

On my mac I use the terminal daily as many other developers do but the standard terminal app on mac is really basic. So I have switched to iTerm 2 that is a popular alternative with a lot of nice small features and settings.

To make the terminal 10x even better is to install Oh My Zsh that is a framework for manage ZSH configuration. It har over 150+ plugins like git, nodejs, nvm, php, vagrant, brew etc for autocomplete and much more. With over 100 themes you can find your favorite theme, the theme I use (miloshadzic) gives me a good visual of the current git branch and status . You can easily change theme and add plugins in the .zshrc file and add your own commands.

If you don’t use Oh My Zsh today I can strongly recommend to try it (oh-my-zsh):

 curl -L | sh 

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