Programmera varje dag

Läste nyligen en artkel av John Resig (Skapren av jQuery) om att programmera/koda varje dag (Write code every day).

Det är ganska intressant ide som jag tänkt försöka prova på speciellt när det har varit nyttigt med #blogg100 utmaningen. Eftersom jag har många små projekt som aldrig blir klara men om jag tvingar mig att köra 30-60 min varje dag som kan ge mer än man kan tro. Jag återkommer med ett inlägg om några veckor hur det har gått. Gör ett försök du med…

Update to WordPress 3.9

Yesterday WordPress released version 3.9 that has some nice new features. When working as web agency one of the best features is a quite small update but a real timesaver when working with non technical customers that it that they can now paste directly from Word to the content area. There were numerous customer when I worked at my previous job that complained that a page broke in IE and all was from the extra code Word adds when copying.

The update includes the latest TinyMCE which is more responsive and improves the experience, I actually prefer the mobile web than the WordPress app.

When working with more critical clients with a lot of visitors the widget preview is great because before you hade to change widget live and check if it was right but no anymore.

Here is a good blog post with more about the updates and below is the official video:

[wpvideo sAiXhCfV]

Improve the terminal with Oh My Zsh

On my mac I use the terminal daily as many other developers do but the standard terminal app on mac is really basic. So I have switched to iTerm 2 that is a popular alternative with a lot of nice small features and settings.

To make the terminal 10x even better is to install Oh My Zsh that is a framework for manage ZSH configuration. It har over 150+ plugins like git, nodejs, nvm, php, vagrant, brew etc for autocomplete and much more. With over 100 themes you can find your favorite theme, the theme I use (miloshadzic) gives me a good visual of the current git branch and status . You can easily change theme and add plugins in the .zshrc file and add your own commands.

If you don’t use Oh My Zsh today I can strongly recommend to try it (oh-my-zsh):

 curl -L | sh 

Use Android Debug Bridge (adb) from the terminal

Today I was switching back to Android from FirefoxOS on my Revolution (Geeksphone) just to try it. To do so I needed adb which is part of the Android SDK.

To install ADB you need to download the SDK and then extract the zip. Move the folder to a logical place, I put it in my local folder under android.

Then open your .bashrc or .zshrc file and add:
export PATH=/Users/[YOUR_USER]/android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH
Open a new tab or write source .bashrc in the terminal and your all set to use adb in the terminal.

Which for me was adb sideload to update my phone to android.

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