A different AngularJs tutorial

About a week ago I found an interesting AngularJS tutorial on Hacker new about building the 2048 game. There is a lot of tutorials and articles about AngularJS and other framworks/codeing languages but many are short and quite simple.

The 2048 game might not be the best game to build with angular but it was interesting to see how they did it because it was a more complex tutorial then the most other I see. So I can recommend reading it.

Visual JOIN and Hacker news

The other day I wrote about a small project I did to visualise SQL JOINS (Visual JOIN) and I tried to put it up on hacker news to see if I got any response. This was my first submission to hacker news and I didn’t expect much but I was surprised to see how many visitors I got even though I didn’t get many up votes. In less than 12h I got over 1500 visitors and I had put a link the the source code on github which resulted in my first pull request to one of my projects, someone had made some grammatical updates to the text.

This is my first kind of serious projects I put up and was really pleased with the respons on different channels so I’m looking forward to do more small open source projects that can be useful for others.

If you ever launch something and want some response post it on hacker news you will get more visitors than you might expect.

CSS naked day 2014

Today when I visited my own blog I was surprised when there were no CSS loading but soon realised that it’s CSS Naked Day. A few years ago I installed a plugin which automatically removes the CSS on 9th of April every year. CSS Naked day was created by Dustin Diaz to show your site without CSS and the following text used to be on the original site:

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words. It’s time to show off your <body>.

This will be the last year I will participate and I think it was a fun idea but I prefer to show my site as it is.

Happy CSS Naked Day

Visually understand JOINS (AngularJS and Snap.svg)

I have been working a lot with WordPress, Laravel and other frameworks the last years where you don’t write much pure SQL. I had forgotten te main difference between all the different sql joins (inner,left,right,outer) so I decided to create some visual page for fun and to remember.

I wanted to learn something new during te project so I decided to create the venn diagrams with svg (Snap.svg) and I choose AngularJS for the interactive part to improve and I really like working with AngularJS. I took the opportunity to try as the host for my project and it was really smooth and fast to setup.

It was a fun project and I learnt a lot and will probably start doing mor of these small one-page projects,  and hopefully it will help others understand joins. You can visit it here:

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