Visual JOIN and Hacker news

The other day I wrote about a small project I did to visualise SQL JOINS (Visual JOIN) and I tried to put it up on hacker news to see if I got any response. This was my first submission to hacker news and I didn’t expect much but I was surprised to see how many visitors I got even though I didn’t get many up votes. In less than 12h I got over 1500 visitors and I had put a link the the source code on github which resulted in my first pull request to one of my projects, someone had made some grammatical updates to the text.

This is my first kind of serious projects I put up and was really pleased with the respons on different channels so I’m looking forward to do more small open source projects that can be useful for others.

If you ever launch something and want some response post it on hacker news you will get more visitors than you might expect.

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